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    1. The Affiliated High School of Peking University Access Scholarship


      1. What is the Dalton Access Scholarship?

      The Affiliated High School of Peking University will offer two annual full-tuition scholarships, room and board, airfare, health insurance, and university admissions support to talented students in need from Jordan to pursue their last year of high school in Beijing, China at the Dalton Academy.

      2. What is the Dalton Academy?

      The Dalton Academy is the part of the Chinese government supported Affiliated High School of Peking University that has an English language curriculum for students who plan to enroll in English language universities and colleges in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and elsewhere. Dalton Academy students do not normally take the Chinese government college entrance examination (gao kao). The Dalton curriculum is student centered project based learning that fosters independent academic research skills, freedom of inquiry, and critical thinking.?

      3. Who can apply for the Dalton Access Scholarship?

      Any student in Jordan who has completed the 11th grade and does not have the means or conditions to enter a high ranked college preparatory institution in China that specializes in admitting its graduates to the top 100 universities in the world. Tenth grade applicants will be considered in exceptional circumstances. Applicants who have been unable to complete their 11th grade education and have been out of school are also encouraged to apply.

      4. What qualifies a student as in need of a scholarship?

      Any student in Jordan who is economically disadvantaged or has been denied educational opportunities because of their family’s displacement from their place of origin due to conflict in the past or present.

      5. How can I apply?

      Fill out the online application in English at: 新金瓶免费全集2015

      6. What is the application deadline?

      April 15, 2018.

      7. Who will choose the scholarship recipients?

      The scholarship finalists will be chosen by a selection committee composed of the Dalton Academy Head of School, the Director of Admissions, a faculty member, and two current Dalton students.

      8. How will the selection committee choose the scholarship recipients?

      The committee will review all applications submitted online. The committee will determine a final group of applicants who meet the scholarship criteria. The committee will come to Jordan between April 24 and May 11, 2018 to interview the finalists and their families. The finalists and their families will be interviewed in Mafraq, Irbid, Zarqa, Karak, Amman, and elsewhere as need be. The finalists will be requested to submit an on site writing sample and to participate in a student group problem solving activity. The final two scholarship awardees and alternates will be announced on May 13, 2018.

      9. What are the main criteria for a strong application?

      We are looking for students who are passionate about education and won’t let anything stop them from achieving their goal of going to college. We are looking for students who face financial or other hardships in their life that prevent them from gaining a quality education. We want students who take risks and can adapt to a new cultural environment. We want students who will give back to their communities and make the world a better place for everyone.

      10. What proficiency level of English is expected?

      The Dalton Academy third year curriculum is in English. A student will have to commit to application and their high school graduation. Students with weak English skills are encouraged to apply. We will work with you.

      11. What support will be given by Dalton for college admission?

      Scholarship students will be assigned a college counsellor from the date of their selection. The counsellor will help the student decide their future college academic goals. Dalton will pay the testing fees for necessary college entrance exams like TOEFL, SAT, and ACT. The counselor will help the student identify a college that offers a full 4-year undergraduate scholarship. Dalton counselors will help identify undergraduate scholarship programs in Canada and elsewhere that offer the possibility of family resettlement and employment.

      12. Can I still take the Tawjihi exam in Jordan?

      Dalton Academy is working with Ministry of Education to have this high school degree officially recognized as a Tawjihi equivalent in the future but currently it is not. Until accreditation happens, Dalton Academy cannot take any responsibility for accreditation, so concerned individuals should consider options available to them including undertaking Tawjihi exam in Jordan.

      13. When does school start in China? How long is the school year?

      Scholarship students will be expected to arrive in Beijing the last week of August, 2018 for orientation. There is a week long vacation the first week of October for the Chinese national day. There is a month long holiday beginning at end of January until the end of February. Dalton will supply scholarship students with roundtrip air tickets to visit their families during the winter holiday. The courses for seniors ends in the middle of May. The official end of the school year is at the end of June.

      14. What is it like to be Muslim in China?

      Islam first arrived in China over 1300 years ago. China has a rich Islamic cultural tradition. Over 20 million Chinese are Muslim. There is a thriving Muslim community in Beijing. There are many mosques and one of them is within a 15 minute walking distance of campus. There are many halal restaurants and one of them is right around the corner from campus.

      15. Where will I live in Beijing?

      You will live in the campus student dormitory. About half of the students at the Affiliated High School of Peking University live on campus. The rest are day students. Four to six students share a room. There is a campus dining facility that has many different food options. Both your room and food will be covered by your scholarship.

      16. Do I have to know Chinese language?

      No, but you will have opportunities to learn Mandarin while you are at the Dalton Academy.

      17. What are my obligations if I am awarded the scholarship?

      You will be expected to maintain good academic standing and successfully complete the whole senior school year in the Dalton Academy. Your success will enable the scholarship program to continue in future years and expand. You are not obligated to go to any specific university or college upon graduation. Dalton counselors will help you enter the college of your choice.

      18. What if I have more questions?

      You can send an email to: accessdalton@i.pkuschool.edu.cn We will answer all inquiries.

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      ????? ????? ???? ???????? ???: accessdalton@i.pkuschool.edu.cn ???? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???????????.

      * Full Name * Sex
      * Date of Birth * Citizenship
      Country of Residence Place of Birth
      Applicants First Language Other languages
      Mailing Address Home Email
      Email address
      Current School Language of Instruction
      School ID School Address
      School Telephone number School email address
      Schools Attended Name of School
      Address City/Country
      Language of Instruction Grades
      Extracurricular Activities and Community Service
      Please list the extracurricular activities in which the applicant has participated in during the past two years
      Applicant Essays: Please answer the following essays in English.
      1、Why do you want to attend The Dalton Academy and how would you fit into our style of education?
      2、Please describe a book that affect you and explain its impact
      3、Who is your personal hero and why?
      4、What is your biggest accomplishment and what would you bring to the Dalton Community?
      5、Please provide any additional information about yourself that may be helpful to the Admissions Office such as special interests, hobbies, personality and etc.
      Family Information:
      Contact Name
      Relation to student Home Address
      Telephone Citizenship
      How did you learn about the Dalton Academy?
      Has the applicant repeated any grades?
      Does the applicant have any health, physical developmental or learning concerns?
      Has the applicant been prescribed medication for attention deficit, hyperactivity or other emotional needs?
      If so, is the applicant receiving medication at this time?
      innhos.com | www.innhos.com | m.innhos.com | wap.innhos.com
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